Project 3- Logo Designs/Rival Company Proposal

I’m the art director for the team creating a rival company to Mim’s bowling merchandise/apparel company, ‘Spare Me’. So here’s my proposal for our rival company, Lucky Strike. “Lucky Strike is a company that provides bowling apparel and merchandise, specializing in custom designs for shirts, shoes, balls and more.” -basically its a place where you […]

Ill 5- State of the Union 1

1. What medium do you like working in? -I like working with mix-media/collage, very hands-on media. I like work that evokes a sketchbook atmosphere; loose, layered, textured, etc. 2. What medium do you hate working in? -I dislike digital media, mostly because I it hard to grasp the software. 3. List three non-illustration classes that […]

Project 3- Logo Designs (Thumnails)

For my logo designs I created three companies: 1. The Voyageur: A Time-Traveling Cafe -The cafe is designed so that customers can feel that they experienced another time and place when they come for a meal. The cafe is partitioned in such a way that the customer can choose a theme and be ‘transported’ to […]

Project 3- Logo Design (Research)

Examples of existing logos: 1. -I think the intent/concept is clear: this company is about keeping water in cities/urban areas clean and free from pollution often found in those areas. I think the logo is more effective with the incorporation of the urban landscape enclosed by the tidal wave; it illustrates the target audience/area they […]

Project 1- Deck of Cards: Proposal

For this series, I intend to create a film noir tarot deck. I will draw inspiration from film noir stills, movie posters and photography. Several archetypal characters (hardboiled detectives, femme fatales, etc) and visual styles (low-key lighting, stark light/dark contrast, dramatic shadow patterning) will be employed to create these dramatic black and white crime drama […]