Ill 5-State of the Union 3

1. Describe your typical creative process, from getting an assignment to finished piece.

-After I get an assignment if I have any initial ideas for the piece I’ll go ahead and write it down or sketch it out. Either way, I always begin with research (color palette, imagery, information, etc). After I’ve gathered sufficient research and started to form an idea of where I want the piece to go, I begin the thumbnail stage. I usually don’t have to make many but once I decide which one works I begin working on the actual pieces which may or may not go through several drafts. The rest is editing and tweaking the final piece.

2. Research and describe a professional creator’s creative process.

-Artist David Mack, creator of the Kabuki series, has a very unique and intensive creative process that varies with each project. In order to be at his most efficient, he experimented with his sleep/wake cycle by sleeping and waking twice a day. He began sleeping one REM cycle at a time, waking up refreshed and completely focused, then working 12 hours and sleeping another three-hour REM cycle (but he is only able to do this for a limited period before he has to sleep the full REM cycle). Also, he doesn’t use a computer. He hand-paints his characters (incorporating watercolor and collage techniques). When an idea strikes him, he writes it down and files it where it waits until he’s ready to fold it into a story. He always works from a full script, but he leaves room for the characters/story to evolve organically as well.


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