Project 1- Deck of Cards: Sketches Update

cards1 cards11 cards10 cards9 cards8 cards7 cards6 cards5 cards4 cards3 cards2


6 thoughts on “Project 1- Deck of Cards: Sketches Update

  1. These are nice! Very nice layouts as well as great compositions within each card. Very tight and clean Shane-esque sketches. I’m excited to see hem in their final stages.

  2. The ‘queen of wands’ card is hands down my favorite; Her expression, the composition. It’s flawless. Your style is so great, really refreshing. Will these be hand rendered or all computer? I’m not 100% sure on what the theme is, but I am diggin’ it so hard.

  3. I love the concept behind your cards! Fred Burton got me into film noir last semester, so I understand the lure of it. Your drawings are very beautiful. I don’t know if this would help, but some of your sketches remind me a lot of Brett Helquist, who illustrated the Lemony Snicket books. His are very stylized though, but the compositions are similar.

  4. Your cards are progressing well. Would have liked to see one in color to see how it will evolve through your process. Almost think they’d look fine as ‘sketched’ elements. ? Just a thought for you to consider. A. Perkins

  5. The sketches for your cards look amazing so far; they’re really high-contrast and have a really tangible noir feeling about them. I also really like that you’re doing tarot- my only suggestion has to do with proportion! I know most tarot decks come in various sizes, but I always think of the longer, thinner card associated with tarot and your frames seem more playing-card sized. Can’t wait to see these shape up though!

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