Project 3- Logos: Final Rival Company

This is the final design for Building Unity, the rival company to Cat’s Cradle. I was the artist for the design and Maysa Sem acted as art director.



Project 3- Logo Project

The finished logo designs for my company Voyageur: A Time Traveling Cafe.

voyageur2      voyageur_hourglass

And the finished logo design for my company Scorpion House Publishing.

ss       scorpion_s

Ill 5- Vissual Essay 1: Proposal

For my visual essay I propose creating a series of fantasy landscapes using collage/mixed media techniques. These landscapes are based on a fictional universe that is modeled after the subconscious mind or dream state. They will visually reflect how places are perceived in memories/dreams as shifting and sometimes abstract combinations of places a person has been, seen in photographs or postcards, or imagined.

This will be accomplished with collage/mixed media techniques to create landscapes that are painterly, textured, layered, colorful and strange. Framing choices in terms of imagery shall include establishing shots, vignettes, and framing devices such as windows or doorways. The number of pieces will be 3-5 of varying sizes no larger than 81/2″ x 11″ and no smaller than 6″ x 9″.

Project 3- Logo Designs/Rival Company Proposal

I’m the art director for the team creating a rival company to Mim’s bowling merchandise/apparel company, ‘Spare Me’. So here’s my proposal for our rival company, Lucky Strike.

“Lucky Strike is a company that provides bowling apparel and merchandise, specializing in custom designs for shirts, shoes, balls and more.”

-basically its a place where you can buy bowling clothes and merchandise, but if you have your own bowling club or what not, they can design your teams shirts (etc)

Project 3- Logo Designs: Rival Designs/Initial Thumbs

With Maysa  working as art director, we had to create a rival company against Emily’s Cat’s Cradle, a construction company for targeted towards underprivileged communities. The company we created is called Building Unity.

“The mission of our company is to bring neighborhoods together and invoke a sense of community. Community gardens in underprivileged areas are one of the many projects that are constructed to engage communities in organic food production for their communities and for themselves.”-Maysa

and here are the initial designs for our logo…

P1030863 P1030862 P1030861 P1030860

Ill 5- State of the Union 1

1. What medium do you like working in?

-I like working with mix-media/collage, very hands-on media. I like work that evokes a sketchbook atmosphere; loose, layered, textured, etc.

2. What medium do you hate working in?

-I dislike digital media, mostly because I it hard to grasp the software.

3. List three non-illustration classes that have influenced you and/or your work positively.

-All of my drawing classes were extremely helpful, introducing me to mix-media techniques and understanding form. Collage, was great because it was the first class where I felt I was allowed to experiment and go crazy. And most of all the liberal studies courses like the art histories and philosophy really expanded my view on art, processes, and the world really.

4. How has the work of your peers influenced you and your work?

-It’s definitely pushed me to further myself and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zones artistically.

5. What sort of subject matter do you like to create work about?

-In my comics so far I’ve mostly dealt with personal relationships, but recently I’m striving to broaden that and deal with more social issues and philosophies that are being discussed now. But overall my work has a lot of darker/psychological tones.

6. What sort of subject matter do you like to read about?

-In all genres I like really in depth character development, complex plots, and subtle underlying themes. The genres I like best are thriller, mystery, romance, paranormal, fantasy. Though most of those are fiction I also like reading books on philosophy and religion, especially eastern thought.

7. What kind of music do you like?

-A wide variety, it all depends on my mood or what type of project I’m working on. Mainly rock but I also like folk, classical, indie, metal, techno, oldies, foreign. The main genre I don’t like is country music, I’m okay with some old country but new country makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

8. What non-art related interests/hobbies/skills do you have?

-Right now none. However, I play guitar (still art related but oh well), like going to the movies and reading in book stores. So yeah, my life pretty much revolves around art related things so…I like shopping and eating hamburgers, there, that’s not so art related.

9. If you had run of the world’s museums, what three works of original art would you like to own?

– James Atkinson Grimshaw’s “Spirit of the Night


-John William Watherhouse’s “The Lady of Shallot


-John Sargent’s “Madame X


Project 3- Logo Designs (Thumnails)

For my logo designs I created three companies:

1. The Voyageur: A Time-Traveling Cafe

-The cafe is designed so that customers can feel that they experienced another time and place when they come for a meal. The cafe is partitioned in such a way that the customer can choose a theme and be ‘transported’ to that time period. Some examples would be the Colosseum during the Roman Empire, The Renaissance Era, The Wild West, and more. These themes are achieved through the use of LCDs, elaborate time-period costumes, and exceptional staff.


P1030838   P1030839 P1030840    P1030841 P1030842

2. Verche’

-Verche’ is a clothing line offering a fresh, modern take on textile designs.


P1030843    P1030844 P1030845      P1030846 P1030847

3. Scorpion House Publishing

-Scorpion House Publishing is a comic book publishing house that is specifically aimed toward publishing original, creator owned works. They are constantly on the look out for up and comers, and especially those working in a digital medium like web comics.


P1030852     P1030851 P1030850     P1030849 P1030848




Project 3- Logo Design (Research)

Examples of existing logos:

1. Image

-I think the intent/concept is clear: this company is about keeping water in cities/urban areas clean and free from pollution often found in those areas. I think the logo is more effective with the incorporation of the urban landscape enclosed by the tidal wave; it illustrates the target audience/area they are trying to reach and what service they offer with the use of color (the blue indicates a calm/clean atmosphere).

2. Image

-The design is very simple, straightforward and effective. By incorporating chopsticks in place of the ‘h’, it gives the viewer all they need to know without cluttering up the design with necessary imagery.

3. Image

-Very clean and elegant design, my only criticism is that there is no indication if this company sells wine, or just a wine appreciation type thing.

4. Image

-Utilizing the spartan helmet silhouette to create the image of a golfer makes for a very tight design.

5. Image

-I thinks its interesting how they incorporated an animal into the design. I think it was a smart to utilize the most prominent feature of the animal to demonstrate the variety of wines they have.

6. Image

-Rather than a logo, I see this working as a minimal movie poster design. Not that it doesn’t work as a logo- its simple and to the point- just that because the name is so familiar I’d like to a similar approach used for other media.

7. Image

-Nice play on works and choice of color scheme. Also by using the word aroma in the name, it activates the sense of smell and you can almost smell the fragrance of coffee or chocolate due to the color scheme.

8. Image

-I think the idea was strong but it doesn’t completely come across. The silhouette is supposed to give the impression of strength but perhaps the color choice or the use of such organic shapes, it appears too soft.

9. Image

-I just thought it was funny looking. I think the design is good but I’m not really sure what its about, keeping mouth muscles strong? For what purpose?

10. Image

-I think the concept is strong and it reads clearly, but its boring. I think if the intention is to remain neutral in order to encompass a wide range of music, then its successful, but for me its a little flat.

11. Image

-I like the font and the subtle integration of imagery within it. However, its not a lot of information to draw from.

12. Image

-I really like this one. Its playful but controlled, an overall charming design.

13. Image

-Straight to the point and elegant. I think its very successful, I understood the concept right away and thought it was very clean.

14. Image

-I like that this design tries to appeal to the audience on a personal level by using nostalgic imagery.

15. Image

-I think the design is interesting and looks clean because of the color, but its hard to read. I can’t make out the first 2-3 letters, and because of that the concept isn’t reading as clearly.

16. Image

-I think the design is clean and engaging, with a successful concept. The puzzle piece gives the impression that if the viewer is unsure about their future, this company can help you piece it together.

17. Image

-I love this one! The incorporation of text and image beautiful, with nothing else cluttering up the design. It also seems geared toward a particular audience but it stays unisex since it is black, which I think is thoughtful an very thought out.

18. Image

-I think the design itself is pretty and elegant, but I’m not so happy with the font. I like how its not bold like the design is, but I still find it distracting.

19. Image

-I think the design is fresh because of the font and flat color. I don’t really care for the color personally, but I think overall it’s very successful.

20. Image

-Another one with a creative play on words. Again, I think its a successful design.

21. Image

-I like the concept, and that they integrated the cat with the text. What I dislike is the placement of the text, it makes the reading awkward.

These are all very strong designs, each one presenting strong concepts and wonderful integration of text and images.

Project 2 – Illustration Research Presentation: Questionnaire

1)       List 10 of your favorite illustrators.  Briefly describe why each one makes the list, and dissect their work.  Be as clear and articulate as possible.  Be  descriptive!

I really like the obsessive line-work and minute details. He also doesn’t go overboard with color. He brings over some of his eccentric/weird style from his personal work into his commercial work while maintaining a great amount of professionalism. The ‘doodle’ quality of his work is also attractive.

bike_splode_sample_529_700 outlived_II_sample_543_700 temp_file_FLOWER_FACE22_532_700


He has a great level of technical skill and craftsmanship and good sense of color. However I think his personal work is better, work where the ‘hand’ is more apparent. His other work relies to heavily on digital application, though still good, the colors and textures become muddy and grayed.

1102_personal_01 1203_personal_01 1210_personal_02


I like the controlled mess of it all, the textures, use of text and collaged elements.

archive_p002   7407928813   archive_p001


Well you have to admire someone who uses that much blue all the time lol. But seriously, other than style (which is what initially drew my interest), I like the tenacity of an artist who does something over and over till exhaustion but its always different and fresh.

16_bes1 33_work 39_hem6-23-11-038051-9


I’m attracted to the organic shapes and geometry that’s in Mucha’s work, especially his posters. He has a wonderful understanding of shape breakups and composition, as well as pattern.

Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3


Love love love Beardsley! He’s like the dark side of Mucha, with his shapes taking sharper points and darker/perverted subject matter. I think Beardsley had more of a sense of humor.

577148643_711f0a59b8 ABBS_008_how-queen-guenever-made-her-a-nun the-climax-1893


I like the amount of detail he puts in all of his work and the line-work is exquisite. I’m also a fan of that type of subject matter (Fae folk, etc). But I do think some of his line-work and detail gets lost/smudged because of the type of printing was done.

3481332989_63db5e3657_o rackart1 rackham+treeman


I like how heavy handed he is, with everything. Even though sometimes you have no frigging clue what you’re looking at because there is just so much going on, I like it anyway.

049 pynchon_49 zak_003


I like the textures and visual pacing, the energetic strokes and limited palette.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3


I like the incorporation of text and the female body as shape/design element. His use of negative space makes great light/dark contrast, using the tension of those areas to navigate the eye.

ManuelRebollo9-600x782 ManuelRebollo14-600x600 ManuelRebollo16-600x600

2)       Now, describe YOUR work.  What are your interests and why do they interest you?  Who and What are your influences, and why?
           -I really like working with mix-media. I like my sketchbook work more because it is looser, has more energy and is more dynamic. Some of my main        influences right now are David Mack and Zak Smith mainly because they are very opinionated (I don’t mean in a bad way) and they are doing new and exciting things in their field that I would like to apply to my own work. I’m really drawn to artist work that is heavily layered/textured- what some would call messy- with strong contrast and dense spaces.
3)       Describe your work space.  Now, describe your IDEAL work space.
           -Very messy, with piles of papers/books/supplies spread throughout the house rather than one place. My ideal work space would be a room that is covered with images or things that inspire me with a good sound system, a big sink, lots of shelves for books/supplies, a clear desk (or two so I can have one for drawing, one for desktop, one for lightbox). Basically a space that would cost a lot of money that I don’t have.
4)       What are your work habits?  List the good and the bad.  Now, describe the work habits you want to have and why you think they’ll help you.
          – I usually start with research, then concept designs/sketches, then working on the final pieces. But its not a fixed process, sometimes I know exactly what I want to do and I can just jump right into a piece, other times not so much. I also procrastinate to much, spend to much time on ‘researching’. I would like to turn that procrastination time into something more productive. I would like to have a set schedule to do things so I can organize my time better.
5)       What are your strengths and weaknesses?
          -I’m usually at my best when I’m working in my sketchbook generating new ideas and experimenting but that energy and focus is lacking in my other work. I’m also not very good at time management.
6)       What motivates you?  What excites you?
           -Music, films, books, everything(?) Religion, philosophy, what motivates peoples actions/words, fantasy. I think most of my time is spent daydreaming.
7)       Describe your ideal day as an illustrator.  Does it involve specific clients, specific media, or specific subject matter?
          -A productive day. Where I wake up early and eat, then get straight to work. Ideally I’d also have time to play with my cat and play some music, and just lay around outside for awhile.
8)       Where do you want to be in 5 years?  10 years?  15 years?
            -Someplace with a job. I’m fine with working/doing anything so long as I have time to work on my comics. Would like to meet more artists and travel, broaden my world a little bit.